Latte, Jed?

Articles about software engineering, etc.

010 My Disappointment in No Man's Sky

009 Why my Nom de Guerre is Latte Jed

008 Why I've Lost Faith in Ethereum and Won't Invest in ETH

007 Why this Site is now Self Hosted

006 Writing an Embedded Full Text Search Engine

005 Implementing Porter Stemmer in Haskell

004 First Five (and a Half) Minutes on a Server with a Shell Script

003 That ToDo App you Always Wanted

002 [Ab]using Blocks for Cleaner MVC in Obj-C

001 First Five (and a Half) Minutes on a Server with Ansible

About me

Matthew Smith

Born in the US, I've spent half my life as a resident of Bangkok, a city of award-winning chefs, beautiful people, traffic jams and the occassional coup d'etat.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, though not the billionaire, private jet kind. I like making things, including companies and software.

I love playing video games, eating at fancy restaurants and spending time with my wife and son. My wife is GM of a company in the field of architecture. My son teaches me something new every day.

Always happy to talk. Email me at

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