I'm Building a New Mac App, Don't Know What to Call It

I've got the idea for a new Mac App that I'm going to start working on. It's a something to make search a lot better/easier on my Mac. I don't know what to call it however. I guess I'll figure that out as I go. 

I plan on sharing a lot of the in-progress development and artwork here on my shiny new Posthaven blog.

Some more detail:

I'm a computer power user. I have a pretty snappy rMBP that I frequently run half a dozen programs on at once. I'm also a search power user. I might search hundreds of times per day while developing software. One thing that I've figured out is that the process of going to my browser (Chrome), opening a new tab and then writing a search query is actually fairly time consuming when it's done constantly throughout the day. 

More importantly, the process of typing general searches into my browser is not the most efficient way to do so. Usually I want to search a specific set of sites. I can do this with a custom search query or in the case of Google, a "custom search engine". That's a much better way to limit search for a more narrowly defined area. 

The problem with custom search urls is that they're hard to remember and manage. 

Given that those are my two pain points, I've decided to develop a custom search manager for Mac. The concept is very simple. The app will run in the background with an icon in the menu bar for quick access to settings. It will have a hotkey manager that will allow you to assign the app to whatever global key combination that you like. When that combination is pressed, a large text input will appear in the middle of the screen where you can type in your query. Press enter and that custom search url, with your query, will load in a browser of your choosing.

Simple. But it should make life for power users a little bit better.

The planned features:

1. Hotkey management for both the main search bar and individual custom searches.

2. Run at startup management.

3. A search history. I frequently repeat the same searches more than once. Having them available in the main search input box will be nice.

4. Relevant customization options.

I plan on starting the artwork soon so I'll post here when stuff starts to get done. As I build out an MVP I'll also update here about the progress.